Money.  Can’t live without it.  And you certainly can’t fight without it.


We as Democrats have a vision that sees the world as a potentially much more fair place than the one in which we currently live.  One where equality, opportunity, justice and yes, respect are de rigueur, not the exception.  A place that embraces change, not for change’s sake, but in a constant effort to improve the world we live in for everyone.

Unfortunately, we have lost our voice in sharing that vision along with recent elections, both on the national and state levels.  We can make our voice heard again, though, here in Harrison county, in Jackson and in Washington.  We can elect the people that share that vision and will help make our county, our state, our country the type of place where all people will feel a part.

But the only way this will happen is with money.  We can’t fight the good fight; we can’t take it to those who would minimize our citizens for the sake of a (tax) dollar or because they are different.  The Harrison County Democratic Executive Committee must have adequate funding to develop the tools, the weapons to fight for progress and change.  This is where you come in.  There is a way you can not only make a contribution, but also make an on-going contribution that will help us build that war chest.

ActBlue is a funding website designed specifically for Democrats.  On this site, you can make a one time contribution (easy enough).  Or you can make an automatically recurring contribution that helps the Harrison County Democratic Executive Committee not only today, but also next month and the one after that (just as easy!).  This year and next year.  You can set up your account to have your contribution automatically charged to your credit card, debit card or PayPal account.  Give however much you want … $10, $25, $50 per month or whatever amount fits your budget.  But it will be a worthy contribution to a worthy cause, making our world a better place.

Contribute now!