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The Harrison County Democratic Executive Committee invites you to vote for our Democratic Candidates!


The mission of the Harrison County Democratic Party is to educate and encourage participation in the political process by people of all backgrounds who support Democratic principles.

Democrats believe that we’re greater together than we are on our own—that this country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot, when everyone does their fair share, when everyone plays by the same rules.

Our Membership:

District 1Cindy Carter-Davis
District 1Gwendolyn Catchings-Castello
District 1Anna Gines – Treasurer
District 1Renick Taylor – Vice Chairperson
District 1Duane Taylor
District 1Vacant
District 1Vacant

District 2Evelyn Buckles
District 2Warren Conway – Parliamentarian
District 2Marie deYoung
District 2Searcy Taylor
District 2Jimmy Tucker
District 2Vacant

District 3Beverly Davis
District 3Hunter Dawkins
District 3Michael Kayes
District 3Jodi Koszarek
District 3Dita McCarthy
District 3Daniel Scott
District 4Maurice Bryant
District 4Kim Marsh
District 4Melinda Medina
District 4Ruthie Thaggart – White
District 4Sammie Wiseman
District 4Vacant

District 5Rae Shawn Davis – Chairperson
District 5Charlene Kerkow – Secretary
District 5Allytra Perryman
District 5Dennis Weiland
District 5Vacant
District 5Vacant

At-LargeMartha Lee Bohn
At-LargeRose Juzang
At-LargeQuentin Lyles
At-LargeBrian Peirce
At-LargeTerri Tyler
At-LargeCrystal Wingo